Sunday, October 17, 2010

Portable Handiwork

It's a funky picture, I know!  But did you know that I'm making a hexagon quilt?  Here are the ones I've assembled thus far.  It's all English paper-pieced, each little hexie is made one by one, and then hand-sewn to its sibling.  You need 6 siblings, and then a lil' mama in the middle. If you had 7, it could be me and my kiddies, but then that's dumb, I know that 7 around the perimeter would not make a hexagon. I ain't doing all this homeschooling for nothing!  It's a great portable quilt because all I need to work on a few hexies are the paper hexagons, a teeny-tiny pincushion, spool of thread, and some needles.  What is your portable piece right now? Next post, I'll give you some more examples of all my portables.

Texas Freckles inspired me to start this, which is yet another portable project, and her blog is worthy of a few minutes and a steamy cup of hot jasmine green tea.  And a biscotti.  And maybe a chunk of cheddar.  Why be bored while you're reading all your blogs?  If you follow the link to Texas Freckles, you'll find step-by-step directions because I am not about to do all that when she's already done it so perfectly!   (Thanks, Melanie)


Cathy said...

Anna, although you asked for portable work, I am instead inclined to tell you about my hex quilt I am working on. As you may have figured out by now, it's been in progesws for quite a while. In fact, making some progress on it this weekend is all I have planned for the next two days! I'll post a pic on FB.

SO I'M Anna Fogg, an eclectic kinda gal said...

Cathy, how's the hexie quilt going? What colors are you using or is it scrappy? ~anna

imquilternity said...

I love what you've done! Aren't hexies fun? I just discovered them about a month or so ago and I find it very relaxing to sit and hand-sew them. Keep us posted as to your progress, won't you?

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