Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've been knitting of late...because...

It's a Handmade Christmas. (doesn't that sound like a Hallmark movie?)  That's what I've been telling my kids constantly these days.  I'm always making presents for folks, but when it gets near Christmas, I usually am about 20 presents short, and then those people get an extra loaf of cranberry bread or peppermint bark, and that's good and all, yummy in fact, but I wanted to see if I could get more than a few items made up this time.  I've been knitting up scarves, hats and cute little pouches to prepare for December 25th.  There will be beautiful photo albums as well for my family and friends, some jewelry, a couple of quilts, salves, tinctures and of course, as always, plenty of cookies and baked goods.  I can't show all the items now since some of gift-getters will see them, but I'll show you something, because what's a blog without a few pictures?

Are you preparing for Christmas, all you crafty hand-maidens out there?  As a Christian, I really don't think that Christ needs us to have this holiday.  He had the whole of the New Testament, and He didn't once tell us to remember this day in this kind of celebratory way.  Really,  there are much better ways to honor Him.  However, that being said, having the holiday to celebrate giving, making kids smile, remembering those that are often forgotten, well, that is all about the Lord I serve, so I relish this season.  I encourage you to find just one thing you can make and give away. Put your heart into it. If it's fairly simple, do an assembly line sort of thing.  One year, my 3 older kids and I made bath salts times 12.  We got jars from the thrift store, and made labels. Another year, my daughter Jade and I made body cream we scented with essential oils.  Would you send me a note and picture if you're having a Handmade Christmas at your house?  I'd love to be inspired by you.

My lovely Nadia is modeling one of the Handmade Christmas items.  How do you like that Bohemian flower? The hat is knitted, then I crocheted the drawstring and flower from velvet-like yarn.  The green quilt has been dubbed Green Glory.  It has some fabrics I've collected and saved for years.  I might have to keep this one!