Monday, September 27, 2010

so i'm back, but i'm keeping this in lower case - just in CASE...

....i really want to be a blogger, i read a ton of other blogs, like at least 95, maybe more, and i enter in blog contests....i've won twice, a quilt and a wonderbundle from a blogger in new zealand. but i am so unfaithful on here. it's not that or because i'm a homeschooler of 7 kids (two of them are actually done, so just 5 at home now) because i do a lot and always have done a lot as a homeschooling mom. it's not because i quilt too much, knit too much, crochet too often, spend too much time in the garden or read too many books...i have ALWAYS been an over-the-top kind of gal, done all of that and more, and still found time to do what i want to do. (we all do, really, do what we really want to do) i think that my problem with blogging on a regular basis is due to two things. 1 being intimidated by the computer and the internet and 2 my funky non-conformist artist side that doesn't always do well with regulated activities.

so that's why this posting is staying in lower case. i am not worthy of upper case today. oh don't feel sorry for me, i'm fine, just a way to force myself to decide if i will truly keep up with this blog thing. my son, noah, has graciously offered to help me keep up to date with it. he is a budding photographer, quite good already, and is learning all sorts of cool stuff daily like aperture, ways to change the lighting, etc, he's just pretty good. so the pic you see here is the one he just took of me ironing a quilt i made as a barter for an incredible friend who teaches a ton of homeschool co-op classes. (isn't he really good?? this kid o'mine) this one was made as a story quilt, it's called "i'll fly away", and is a symbol of our short life here on earth vs the eternity we'll have with our Maker. she and i are of the same faith so when she allowed my son to take a class in exchange for a payment of a quilt, i was quite excited to do one on heaven and earth. the quilt uses the strong free style so aptly illustrated in 2 books by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston, Collaborative Quilting & Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again.

here in this pic i was iron-basting it. i also used a few safety pins. it held together just fine and while it was free-motion quilted like crazy....and it is now bound with a perky rainbow stripe, symbolizing God's promise. tonight, it will get a label, and tomorrow, it will go to its new home. i will save that next pic, the completely finished quilt pic for then, as my friend, the receiver, is also a professional photographer, so she'll be able to show it, ''i'll fly away'' in its best light.

for now, i will remain, your lower caps bohemian artist, anna, who will/perhaps/may/soon/might can/etc graduate to a proper-sized case when she has done a couple more posts consistently. cross your fingers, and i'll be back soon with updates on all that's going on since the eons that have passed since i last posted. ~anna, wife of 1 hunky carpenter, mom to 7 home-educated genuises, lover of Jesus and of great books, folk artist, quilt instructor, cottage gardener, writer and taxi driver to the future for my kids.