Monday, February 7, 2011

Eliza-Jane Grace Fogg

....and here's the ELEVEN year old of the year....I used this girl's camera the other day to take a couple shots, and when I uploaded it to my computer, lo and behold, I found 20 some odd pics that she had been taking of herself from day to day.  This girl is her own best fan!  Eliza-Jane is a music theater kid, if you can't tell by now. This coming Sunday, February 13, 2011, she has the biggest audition of her little life so far at The Kennedy Center, here in Washington, DC.  She'll do a 2 minute monologue and a piece of an age-old song, Lean on Me.  Say a little prayer for #5 kid.  She makes me smile everyday in spite of clouds and rain mostly because she never stops seeing fairies, magic, joy and wonder around each and every corner.  Eliza-Jane, I know you'll break a leg on Sunday no matter what.

You are gorgeous.  The world was just waiting for you to be born. Your songs make me know that life is worth every minute that God has given us. Your biggest fan,  ~mom